Troop Advance™ Slippery Elm Powder 80g

Troop Advance™ Slippery Elm Powder is a natural remedy for constipation and diarrhea. Slippery Elm Poswer coats the intestinal tract to provide relief from digestive concerns including gastrointestinal diseases such as inflammatory bowel disease, colitis, ulcers and gastritis.

Health Benefits

  • Safe for dogs of all life stages
  • Contains mucilage which combined with water form a protective coating to sooth the mouth, throat, stomach, and bowels


  • Preparation: mix with cold water to create a thick syrup
  • Oral Application: add to food or use a syringe for ingestion
  • Dosage: 5-10lbs 1/4tsp; 10-20lbs 1/2 tsp; 20-50lbs 1tsp; 50-100lbs 2 tsp; 100+lbs 3tsp
  • Caution: Do NOT feed within 2 hrs of other medications