Why from human grade animals?
The TroopPetProducts™ team understands that a Companion is a lifeline, and only deserves the absolute very best.  By respecting our pets and companions we build a bond of trust that we can be forever grateful for. We simple cannot and will not settle for second best.

Why do all TroopPetProducts™ say, “supervise pet?”
We at TroopPetProducts™ do not know the personality of your Companion, and want your dog to saviour each moment with their treat. Thus, we advocate that you teach your dog to chews our treats, and supervise them until you are confident they will enjoy each treat safely.

My dog tends to swallow the treat whole, what do I do?
As with all treats, we have to teach our dogs to chew. You can do that by holding onto the treat, and allowing your dog to chew at it, then pulling it away and repeating that process until your dog chews the treat versus inhaling it. If your dog does not learn to chew, do not continue giving them that treat.  Or, if the treat is too small, take it away and discard it.

Are dehydrated or smoked bones safe?
Yes, dehydrated or smoked bones are safe for your Companion because our process is done at low temperatures. Cooked bones however are not. Cooked bones are brittle, and will splinter while dehydrated bones are still strong and will break instead of splinter when chewed.

The treat piece is getting small, what should I do?
Our treats are competitively priced so we recommend you err on the side of caution, and replace it. Failure to do so could result in blockage, and risk injury.

Which TroopPetProducts™ lasts the longest?
This is based on your Companions personality but generally speaking, starting at the longest lasting: Whole Antler-Split Antler, Braided Bully Sticks-Straight Bully Sticks, Duck Feet-Wings, Chicken Breast-Necks, and finally Beef & Lamb Liver.

Are TroopPetProducts™ antibiotic and/or hormone free?
No, Health Canada recommends the use of hormones and antibiotics to reduce the threat of disease, and since all of our products are purchased from government-inspected facilities that meet CFIA and/or FDA regulations, our products are in compliance with government regulations.