TroopPetProducts™ Rawhide Chews

TroopPetProducts™ Rawhide is are a very popular chew known for keeping your dogs teeth clean and strong.  Constant chewing exercises the jaw and contributes to healthy gums.  This long lasting chew will provide plenty of entertainment, and a happy distraction from chewing on your favorite pair of leather shoes!

Be sure to choose the right size and shape for your pet's chewing enjoyment and style. Discard and remove the chew or pieces when they become small enough to swallow to prevent possible blockage.  It is recommended to cut off the softened rawhide when your pet is finished chewing to minimize sharp edges as the chew dries.


To select the right rawhide chew, consider your pets chewing habits and the size of their mouth.  Ideally, the chew should be approximately twice the size of their mouth, but depending on their personality, your pet may prefer smaller or larger chews.

Always supervise your pet while enjoying rawhide, and always consult your vet to ensure this treat is right for your dog.

TrooppetProducts™ Rawhide Chews are product of Mexico from Free-Range Beef, and are USDA, CFIA, FDA approved.